Making the world a better, tastier place via sustainable sourcing

At Continental we believe that using responsibly grown and sourced ingredients makes a big difference to the taste of our products, the wellbeing of our farmers and the future of our planet. Through the Continental Sustainability Partnership we’re helping our farmers develop their ideas and fast-track implementation of sustainable farming practices in Australia and New Zealand.

Pumpkin Mark and Farmer Continental made with responsibilty grown NZ pumpkins

David Oudes is a New Zealand pumpkin farmer from one of our Continental Landmark Farms, a farm that is recognised for championing agricultural sustainability and responsible land use and certified against Unilever’s Sustainable Agriculture Code. He has experienced firsthand the positive impacts of responsible agriculture, from improving the quality of his produce, increasing efficiency and reducing costs and waste through to protecting the environment for the future.

As David explains, ‘It’s got to be sustainable from generation to generation, so when we cultivate our soils, it’s got to be done in a way that’s going to enhance the soil. When we grow the pumpkins we want to make sure that the nutrients are the best they can be”.

Read more about our progress to source 100% of our raw materials sustainably.

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