Improving Health & Wellbeing

Health & Hygiene

Improve Self Esteem

Dove Day 2015

In Australia & New Zealand we’ve reached over 720,000 young people through ‘DoveBody Think’ workshops run in partnership with the Butterfly Foundation. We continue to expand the programme across both countries, including rolling out digital resources to increase its reach.

Every year our employees also have the opportunity to take part in ‘Dove Day’ and experience first-hand the impact of the Dove Self Esteem Project. In 2016, our passionate employees helped run self-esteem workshops at 9 schools across Australia and New Zealand reaching over 915 young people in one day.

Improve access to sanitation

Domestos see through loo at Bondi Beach

Thanks to the global partnership between Domestos and UNICEF, we’ve helped over 6 million people gain access to a clean, safe toilet through behavioural change interventions and capacity building initiatives since 2012. Of these, nearly 2 million people are now living in open defecation free communities, benefiting from improved health, safety and dignity.*

Locally, Domestos first joined forces with UNICEF Australia in 2015 to help raise awareness of the global sanitation crisis and contribute directly to UNICEF’s global sanitation programmes. The campaign, launched to mark World Toilet Day encouraged Aussies and Kiwis to “buy a bottle, help change a life” and helped provide access to sanitation for 169,000 people, at the same time driving growth for our Domestos brand.

Find out more about our partnership with UNICEF Australia and how we are working to provide access to toilets and protect vulnerable women and girls.

*Results are reported by UNICEF in accordance with its methodology and includes reach from direct & indirect initiatives.

The Vaseline Healing Project

The Vaseline Healing Project

Vaseline’s mission is to help restore the skin of 5 million people by the year 2020. Since 2011, The Vaseline® Healing Project has helped over 2 million people suffering from skin conditions in 41 countries across the world.

In partnership with international medical aid organisation, Direct Relief, the Vaseline® Healing Project provides petroleum jellies, dermatological care and other medical supplies to help heal the skin of people affected by poverty and emergencies.

The campaign launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2017, with 5 cents from every product sold donated to Direct Relief. Thanks to the support of Aussies and Kiwi’s we are bringing the healing power of Vaseline to where it’s needed most. At the same time the campaign has restored growth for our Vaseline brand and is once again the number 1 Hand and Body care brand in Woolworths.

Improving Nutrition

Reduce Sugar

Lipton Iced Tae

Since 2010, we’ve reduced sugar across our Lipton Ice Tea range by 26%. Our black and green Lipton Ice Teas, made using the natural sweetener Stevia, contain around half the sugar of a regular soft-drink and our Light Ice Teas contain no sugar.

Increasingly, these lower sugar and sugar free variants are driving our growth. All our Lipton Ice Teas are also free of artificial colours and flavours.

Reduce Calories

mother and child with paddle pop at freezer

Paddle Pop is committed to offering parents treat options for kids that are more nutritionally sound than many alternatives. All of our kids ice-creams contain 110 calories or less and our core range of Chocolate, Banana and Rainbow Paddle Pops are also a source of calcium.

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