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Style and care for your hair with VO5. With products like Give me Texture and Smoothly Does It you can express yourself with confidence.

The original VO5 range was created in the heyday of Hollywood glamour to ensure screen stars' hair looked and felt great. More than 50 years later, VO5 still offers a broad range of products for your hair’s needs.

VO5 - the confidence to create healthy, beautiful hair.

Whatever your hair type or style, VO5 has a product that will fit your hair’s needs.

With a range of styling aids, shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that are customized to meet your hair’s unique needs, VO5 gives you the confidence that your hair will look and feel great everyday.

And you can be confident that your hair is healthy, too – keeping hair vital and vigorous has been our mission since 1955, and the VO5 range is designed to deal with everything life can throw at your hairstyle.

Trusted performance, affordable every day

VO5 was originally created to keep screen stars' hair looking healthy and glamorous despite the hot lights and high living of Hollywood's golden age.

Stylists quickly realized the attraction of beauty without hair damage – and VO5 became a word-of-mouth success in salons and homes across the USA – and then the world.

We understood that customers wanted reliable performance from products that they could afford to use every day. Today, VO5 produces shampoos and conditioners and styling aids designed to enhance the natural vitality of every hair type.

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