Trust Vaseline to provide practical solutions for everyday skin care for hands and body.

Skin care you can trust

As a trusted skin care brand for well over a century, Vaseline skin care products provides practical solutions for everyday skin care needs. It helps reveal soft, moisturised skin – no matter the age, gender, lifestage or lifestyle – by providing products designed to meet specific skin care concerns such as Vaseline Intensive Rescue. We will continue to develop new products that meet consumers’ everyday needs.

From hand lotions, lip balms, to skin lotions and Vaseline Petroleum Jelly our products are formulated to help you lock-in moisture and have soft, moisturised skin.

Spring Skin Saviour

Springtime – though one of the most pleasant seasons – is arguably the most challenging season for our skin. Pre-existing conditions like eczema and rosacea flare up, allergies can surface and skin becomes dry, itchy and irritated. Keep these at bay and help your skin smile with new fragrance free Vaseline Moisturiser Advanced Strength, now available in both the Intensive Care Spray and lotion.

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength Moisturiser

  • Fragrance free with no masking agent
  • Dermatologist tested and appropriate for sensitive skin
  • Contains no common allergens
  • 2 x more moisturisers than other Vaseline Lotions

Vaseline intensive care Spray Moisturiser

Vaseline® Spray Moisturiser is a line of quick, convenient, continuous-spray lotions. They absorb in seconds and help repair dry skin to leave skin instantly soft, not greasy or sticky. They are available in Dry Skin Repair, Aloe Soothe and Cocoa Glow.

How it all started

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was created by Robert Augustus Chesebrough, a 22-year-old chemist from New York, in 1859. Oil rig workers discovered that rod wax, a petroleum by-product from oil rig pumps, healed their cuts and burns. Chesebrough extracted petroleum jelly from the rod wax and gave it to Brooklyn construction workers to treat their minor scratches and abrasions.

Unilever acquired Vaseline in 1987, and today the Vaseline brand offers so much more than the trusted petroleum jelly. The Vaseline Intensive Care range includes hand and nail moisturisers, body lotions and lip balms. While the Vaseline Intensive Rescue range is designed to soften skin on contact and deeply moisturise to help promote the ideal environment for skin’s natural healing process to occur.

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