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Rexona antiperspirant deodorants won’t let you down, with long lasting protection and proven to work at 58°C, the hottest temperature on earth. Rexona was developed in Australia in 1908 by an Australian pharmacist and his wife.

What makes Rexona deodorant tick?

They happen every day. Those unexpected moments when the adrenalin starts to pump and the sweat starts to flow. Thanks to a unique body-responsive technology which releases extra protection as you need it, you’ll know that your Rexona antiperspirant won’t let you down.

Rexona Clinical Protection

Everybody sweats, sure. But not everybody sweats in the same way. Some of us sweat more, but still want to live life without the stress of stickiness and sweat patches. Rexona has developed breakthrough Defence+ Technology to keep you dry and fresh, all day long. It creates a micro shield that protects you from sweat for 96 hours. Clever. And get this. Our clinical strength anti-sweat antiperspirant is 3x stronger than your regular antiperspirant deodorant.

Specially formulated to provide our best protection when you need it most (which is sometimes every day), this Clinical strength antiperspirant creates a barrier against sweat for that super-clean feeling. Nothing will hold you back. Not the voice in your head, not the heat, not the stress.

And don’t forget the scent. Sophisticated, uplifting fragrances that last. That’s one less thing to worry about. Feel unstoppable with Rexona Clinical Protection. It won’t let you down.

What people are saying about Rexona Clinical Protection...

'I just wanted to let your company know that your clinical protection anti-perspirant has changed my life. I used to suffer from quite severe underarm wetness that was so embarrassing and stopped me from wearing most colours and types of fabric. I will always buy this product and recommend it to everyone. Thank you.'

'Last week I bought the Rexona Clinical for Women and I am SOOOO excited and satisfied because so far it seems to work!!'

'I recently purchased Rexona Clinical Protection anti perspirant deodorant from a chemist. I don't normally do this but I wanted you to know 'That I Love It''.

'Just a big thanks to you-so far so good with using the new Rexona Womens Clinical Protection Deodorant. I have tried many products-all failed. This works!!! Thankyou so much again.'

'Just wanted to let you know I think that it a great product, wetness has been an issue for me for years now and this product has reduced it significantly, I have sensitive skin and it also has not effected me thank you.'

'I would just like to extend my sincere thanks to your company. I have recently tried your Clinical Protection deodorant and I can honestly say after a week it has changed my life. No longer do I suffer through embarrassing odours and wet marks at work or social events not spend my time worrying about such things.'

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