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Dove logo: Mittig in geschwungener Schrift ist der Markenname Dove sichtbar
A group of Dove women

In a world of hype and stereotypes, Dove personal care products provide a refreshingly real alternative for women who recognise that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and isn’t simply about how you look - it's about how you feel. For over 60 years, Dove has advocated for real beauty to help create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety.

The Dove Difference

Unilever Australia and New Zealand is dedicated to developing products that genuinely improve the condition and feel of women's skin and hair. The Dove Difference is all about delivering moisturisation and gentleness without compromising on effectiveness. You can experience the Dove Difference yourself in all of our products from beauty bars to shampoos and conditioners, to bodywashes and deodorants.

Damage therapy for your hair

Dove recognises that damage is a key reason for our hair struggles. That’s why we put damage care and repair at the heart of everything we do. Beautiful hair begins with protection and repair every day.

Dove body range

Bringing a touch of richness to your shower routine, our body wash combines microbiome gentle technology with mild cleansers to help your skin retain its natural moisture, leaving you with soft, smooth, skin after just one shower. The caring formula in our Dove body wash range hydrates skin and helps maintain your skin’s moisture barrier while delivering natural skin nourishment that goes deep into the surface layers of your skin. Our body wash range is sulfate-SLES-free, meaning this formula is kind to your skin’s living protective layer – the microbiome – too!

Dove hand wash range

We are washing our hands more than ever which can leave them feeling dry and chapped. Dove Care & Protect Hand Wash turns washing your hands into an opportunity to care for your skin. Our special formulation, enriched with specific skin nutrients and moisturisers, will leave you with instantly soft and smooth skin that lasts for hours, and is clinically proven to remove bacteria. The moisturising formula helps retain hydration in your skin, making Dove Care & Protect Hand Wash suitable for everyday hand washing.
Dove Care & Protect Hand Wash is sulfate-SLES-and-paraben-free, and contains skin-identical nutrients that provide gentle cleansing for your skin. Dove Hand Wash is made in Australia.

Dove Self-Esteem Project

In 2004, we launched The Dove Self-Esteem Project to help the next generation develop a positive relationship with the way they look so they are not held back by appearance-related concerns and can realise their full potential. Globally, we aim to reach 250 million kids through our educational programmes by the end of 2030, making the Dove Self-Esteem Project the largest provider of body confidence education in the world.

Contact Unilever about Dove

If you have any questions or comments about Dove, please visit our contact page.

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